2021 Science Cabin Residency
Science Walden first-half residency "Hidden Artist"

The Science Walden Center of the Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology will invite the following artists to move into the 2021 Science and Arts Convergence Residence. For hidden artists who have difficulty working on their work due to lack of studio or workspace, a house where science comes into daily life and a fruit house are provided as a residence space. We look forward to your interest and participation in this residency with "Artist Canvas," a platform that shares the author's work process.

* Recruitment Overview
- Recruitment: Domestic artists
- Reception period: 2020. December 14th (Mon) to December 28th (Mon)
- Occupancy period: 2021.111 (scheduled) to 7. 10 (scheduled)
(one month for each team (one person), sequentially as "Artist of N months")
- Recruitment: A total of 6 people (in case of a team, up to 3 people or less can be applied)

* Support points
- "Science Cabin" in the UNIST is provided as a workshop and exhibition hall
- Science Cabin supplies: Refrigerator, rice cooker, microwave oven, induction, dishware, washing machine, bedding, etc.
- Rental one tablet PC, one cradle, and one center laptop for artists' canvas
- The artist can talk to the researchers if he or she wants to.
- Artist fee paid: 600,000 won per artist (team) (pre-tax)

* Qualification of application
- Artists who engage in creative activities in Korea (pure art, plain name, installation, sculpture, media composite media, etc.)
- An artist who understands and sympathizes with the content of an artist canvas.
- An artist who has no or does not have his or her own studio and workspace.
- The period of participation in other residency at home and abroad does not overlap with the period of occupancy in Science Walden 2021
- Artist who is registered as a member of the "Artist Canvas" homepage as of the date of receipt
- An artist who agrees to open a canvas free of charge if he is elected to the contest.
- Artist who can advertise on his SNS at least twice a week

* Submitted documents
- 1 copy of the application form for occupancy (Download the data room form)
- Work plan Part 1 (Download the format of the data room)
- Portfolio Part 1 (one PDF file (5-10 points should be edited into one pdf file, but the same work cannot be submitted in multiple copies) can be replaced with one video within 5 minutes)
- Part 1 of the Personal Information Joint Statement (Download the format of the data room)
※ Submitted documents will not be returned.

* Application accepted
- Reception period: 2020. December 14 (Mon) to December 28 (Mon) (Only for midnight)
- Receipt documents: Form 9 of Science Walden's website
- How to register: Email reception (bbalgang1217@unist.ac.kr)
※ The title of the e-mail says, "Support to move into the Science Walden Center_Hong Gil-dong"
※ The center is not responsible for any disadvantages such as transmission errors, so please observe the registration period.

* Inquiries and links to notes
- Science Walden homepage: http://sciencewalden.org
- Artist canvas homepage: https://artistcanvas.net
- E-mail: bbalgang1217@unist.ac.kr Kim Dong-young