Recruit Artist Canvas Artists
Online Resident Writer Contest for the Science and Arts Convergence Project "Artist Canvas"

Science Walden ( is a community of participating scientific artists who meet with humanities and arts to propose new concepts that can solve personal alienation, lack of communication, and economic difficulties that our society is experiencing, and realize them in society, and is an assembly of efforts to integrate science and art.

"Artist Canvas (" in Science Walden is a platform that shares the artist's work process with the public. Through the artist canvas, the artist's canvas becomes Nature and Artistic Space Beings Split into an artistic place.
The work of art on the platform itself is communication. Various forms of art symbols will be born in the process of work, and the symbols will again form a new order of communication in art work.
The canvas, which seems to have stopped working on art, will serve as a symbol of the public's time to wait for artists, and will contain countless meanings. It's a hard-to-predict code that' Because time is the latent symbol that creates countless aesthetic beings. I expect that the path of the public to be with the path of the artist who works and to hold their hearts while waiting will be the path of the times and the world.

All expenses, except for the card fee, will be paid to the person who ran the canvas.

We invite you to join us in the online residency of the Science and Arts Convergence Project, "Artist Canvas."

[Collection personnel]
- 15 people (including individuals/teams)

[Legacy Period]
- 3 weeks between January and February 2021 (Schedule with the management team)
※ If the schedule adjustment is unavoidable even if the examination is passed, the next-ranked artist may have a chance to participate first.

[Application Qualification]
- Artists working in the field of pure art, working in flat, sculpture, media and composite media
- Artists who understand the content of the artist canvas and join in the value (Welcome to the door)
- Artists who can operate his canvas channel 24 hours a day with a sense of responsibility and sincerity.
- Artists who can use stable Wi-Fi in work space
- Artists who can advertise on their SNS at least twice a week
※ Artists who frequently go out during the three-week canvas operation or those who have the possibility of going out for a long time are not allowed to apply.
※ No additional support for mobile data expenses
- Artists who agree to submit work process streaming photos and videos within 3 minutes (platforms, which can be used to promote authors)
- Artists who is registered as a member on the "Artist Canvas (" site as of the date of receipt;
- Artists who agree to open the canvas free of charge if they participate in the contest.

- Artist's fee: 450,000 won (8.8% tax deduction)
- Rental transmission equipment free of charge (Galaxy Tab, stand-type stand)
- Promote through Science Walden Center and Artist Canvas SNS accounts
- Conversation with the researchers of the Science and Arts Convergence Project through Zoom (consultation of schedule)

[Reception method]
- E-mail reception: (Title: Artist Canvas Contest Support_OOO (Name)
- Submission documents: Portfolio Part 1 (editing 5 to 10 points into a single pdf file, but not submitting the same work by editing multiple copies), Application Part 1 (subject form), Personal Information Agreement Part 1 (subject form)
※ You can download the prescribed form from the "Materials" item 10 on the Science Walden website.
※ If an applicant's portfolio file error during the examination makes it difficult to examine, it may be excluded.
※ Applications for contests in all fields will be accepted only through e-mail, and no separate mail or door-to-door applications will be accepted.

[Reception period]
- Received from December 10 to December 27, 2020 at 6 p.m.

[Results Announcement]
- Selecting the artists after reviewing the reception materials
- Announcement at the end of December 2020 through individual notification and official Instagram account (@artistcanvas_sciencewalden)

- Other material costs are not supported.
- If there is any intentionally unwritten or false information in the submission document, if the artist canvas activity is not smooth due to personal schedule, or if the canvas is not maintained, there may be disadvantages of cancellation of the election even if it is in progress.
- Submitted documents will not be returned.

- Inquire after searching KakaoTalk channel [Artist Canvas]
- @artistcanvas_sciencewalden DM