Blister City Project 물집 도시 프로젝트
The pendemic state of the country, which is married to an invisible virus, has overshadowed physical border boundaries with unpredictable changes, and the sense of isolation and alienation felt by individuals is expanding into a common experience.
The Blister City Project focuses on the inner realm of humans in a rapidly changing society, such as these corona 19 pendemics, non-face-to-face lifestyles, and AI that replaces humans.
Blister means blister, blister, but in everyday life, it is used as a plastic pack for items. The author looked at this point interestingly, and defined it as a blister city where the stained interior of modern people living in complex and subtle contemporaries gather to form a blister city.

We want to look into non-face-to-face lifestyles caused by viruses, and the blind spots inside humans where data is not returned to data in the same era when AI replaces labor and leads society. This attempt is a repetitive act of reminding oneself of the intrinsic value of human existence, which has degenerated into an accessory in a capitalist system where purpose and interests are prioritized.

I hope it will be a time to rediscover the meaning and essential values of human existence lost in the age of absence and deficiency and to think quietly and communicate about human values and roles in the upcoming future society.