Feces Standard Money Concert ‘Cantabile with Ggool’
The Science Walden Center of the School of Urban and Environmental Engineering is holding a concert by using the feces Standard Money (fSM), which is a new economic system. The concert will be held at the Main Administration Building (Building 201) at 7 p.m. on Wednesday December 11, 2019.

The title of this concert is “Cantabile with Ggool.” ‘Cantabile’, which means to ‘play as if you sing’ in music, is placed in the title to picture a beautiful society where people would feel like singing when it comes to Ggool, the currency of the fSM platform that is founded based on the human dignity and good values, and this concert was designed to present a warm memory to both the audience and the performers by enabling the use of Ggool. The audience is encouraged to try an unusual experience by purchasing the ticket with Ggool through the fSM platform and also send Ggool to performers as a sign of appreciation. This concert will be a chance to introduce and expand fSM within the members of UNIST as well as the local society through the classical concert by artists (musicians), and this effort is expected to mark the beginning of the diffusion of fSM into the society.

At “Cantabile with Ggool”, enjoy the passionate and also lyrical performance of the Forstmann Quartet, which comprises pianist Keum Hye-seung, violist Kim Jae-yoon, violinist Lee Hyeon-ae, violinist Goh Seong-hyeon, and cellist Kim Yong-sik, and feel the passionate conversation and harmony through their chamber music. Especially, the pieces by romanticist composers Robert Schuman and Johannes Brahms will touch the emotion that has been left untouched for a long time. Through the concert, the audience can send Ggools through the fSM platform to express their appreciation and support, sharing the moment to fill each other’s heart.

Science Walden Center is holding the Cantabile with Ggool Concert and the ‘Ggool Promotion Week’, a promotional booth at the Student Hall (Building 203) and Community Center (Building 204) to promote feces Standard Money platform Membership. The promotional booth will be open from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday December 3, Wednesday December 4, and Thursday December 5, a week before the concert, and the fruits sold at the promotional booth can be purchased with Ggool, the currency for the platform, after joining membership at the feces Standard Money platform. (Link: http://fsm.network )
After the Ggool Promotion Week, the ‘Unattended Ggool Shop’ will be open to sell goods using Ggool, the currency for the platform, in the same locations, Student Hall and Community Center, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a week from Monday December 9 to Friday December 13 to continuously promote feces Standard Money platform membership.

Also, an offline Ggool market will be open in front of the Kyungdong Hall from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday December 11, which is the concert day. The goods sold at the offline Ggool market (fSM character, ‘Ddongigguri’, specially made tumbler, griptok, etc.) after joining the feces Standard Money platform by using the currency, Ggool. The ticket for the concert can be purchased for 5 Ggools at the platform’s Ggool Ticket.
As a special event on the concert day, there will be a draw to select the winner for the AirPods Pro among those who purchased the concert ticket with Ggool to promote the use of the feces Standards Money platform. Each person can obtain up to three lottery tickets for AirPods Pro, one by purchasing the concert ticket with Ggool, one by registering three items to the platform’s Ggool Market, and one by registering a work to the platform’s Ggool Art.

fSM Ggool, proposed by the Science Walden Center which comprises scientists, humanities scholars, and artists, is the currency that anyone can obtain for being human beings. 10 Ggools will be obtained each day, but the difference from existing other types of currencies is that some of it must be shared with friends unconditionally, some of it disappears to nature, and the standard of value is determined by each individual, and it is never cashed in. Designed to be circulated within a single platform, it has been experimented to examine how it would flow when fSM is applied to the real society.

Currently, Ggool Shops, the offline stores affiliated with the platform including coffee shops and restaurants that use the fSM platform and accept Ggool, are established near UNIST (Guyeong and Cheonsang areas), and customers can use Ggool at Ggool Shops to purchase coffees and main menus. Also, it is possible to purchase tickets at the platform’s Ggool Ticket for famous plays currently performed at Daehak-ro in Seoul such as ‘Sculpture’, ‘Man who Lives when He Dies’, and ‘Annara Sumanara.’ The Science Walden Center is currently operating the web-based feces Standard Money and is putting spurs to the completion of the platform development to launch Android and Apple applications.