Dongguk University Korean Literature Research Institute x UNIST Science Walden Joint Academic Conference
- Invitation letter.

Dongguk University's Institute of Korean Literature and UNIST Science Walden Humanities and Social Team will hold an academic conference under the theme of <The Story of Capital and the Imagination of Money> from 1 p.m. on November 5, 2021. The planning of this conference was joined by the seminar team of Money and Humanities.
In this conference, there are a total of five presentations and discussions on how capital and currency become a problem in the areas of society and culture. Historically, let's track the narrative of economic events such as panic, redevelopment, and civil engineering projects, and look at the critical diagnosis of money and alternative practices using science and technology on the current time and space. Thus, I would like to reconstruct the aspect in which capital and currency as an expression are narratively reproduced and imagined practically.