[Science Walden Humanities and Social Team Seminar] "Eco-Techne's Imagination and Philosophy"
Science Walden Humanities and Social Team Symposium Eco-Techne's Imagination and Philosophy>

Body and Media: From Echo-Techne's Point of View / Lee Chan-woong (Professor of Ewha Academy of Humanities at Ewha Womans University)
How is the natural history of industry possible? Focusing on the work of the Shunklingen Steel Mill / Cho Chun-man (writer)

- Cho Jae-won (Director of Science Walden Center)
- Han Man-soo (Professor of Dongkuk University)
- Yoo Byung-sun (former editorial writer for Kyunghyang Shinmun)
- Song Jong-un (economist)
- Oh Young-jin (Machine Criticism Planner for Subjects)

- Lee Myung-jin (Eco City Researcher)

*The composition of the advisory panel above may change later depending on the circumstances.

*Anyone who wants to participate is welcome, and you can arrive at the time above. Corona 19 may require a limited number of people, so please sign up. (You can cancel it later, so if you're interested, please apply in advance.)