2018 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale: A Hideout in the Forest
2018 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, the one and only biennale characterized by nature art, opened on August 28 and it will continue until November 30. Since the main exhibition is held outdoors, many families are coming to enjoy the exhibition as well as the clear autumn day.

‘A Hideout in the Forest’, the main exhibition of this biennale which is held on the theme of ‘Nature-Private Space-Shelter’, is a shelter making project in which 25 teams from 16 countries participated. Visitors can actually enter the inner space of the work and experience the texture of the materials and the mood that changes in each space, quite differentiated from the art exhibitions that they only appreciated through the eyes.

Especially, ‘Tree Spirit’ by Fred Martin (France), which is regarded as a representative piece of the exhibition is winning enormous popularity from visitors. It takes the form of huge human head made of bamboo and opens its mouth to attract visitors, and it is also popular photo taking spot in the venue.

‘Science Walden-Capital’, a special exhibition set up in cooperation with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology is the art and science convergence project and the creative cross-pollination studio of honeybees is installed in the exhibition hall. This piece, which sends a message with a gentle warning about the disappearance of honeybees and our survival, gives visitors another reason to visit the exhibition and another thing to see.

It offers another special exhibition comprising 98 video works produced on the theme of the ‘wind.’ It will be exhibited in the main venue, Yeonmisan Nature Art Park, as well as the Central Library of Kongju National University, and the shopping mall in the old town center until October 16.

As for indoor exhibitions, it offers the ‘Nature Art Cube Exhibition’ which contains nature within a 12cm*12cm*12cm space, and a project exhibition composed of the proposals that participated in the contest for ‘A Hideout in the Forest.’ The Nature Art Cube Exhibition gives a chance to explore various ideas about nature provided by 123 artists from 32 countries through the cube, and the project exhibition shows a new possibility combining art and architecture.

Visitors can enjoy various educational and experiential programs including the Nature Art Workshop. Especially, ‘Making My Own Cube’, an experiential program connected with the cube exhibition gives a chance to express your thought about nature in a cube work.