Science Cabin

Science Cabin is Science Walden’s living lab that combines living space and laboratory space, and it represents the ‘House that applies science in everyday life.’ This space is a more realistic representation of the world that Science Walden intends to build. It comprises the ‘Place Lab’ which is a living space and experimental space that breaks the boundaries between scientists and artists and between experts and the general public and the ‘Engineering Lab’, which is dedicated to experimenting. It is the space where the flow of feces, energy, water , relationship, and money take place simultaneously, and anyone can rent the space with Feces Standard Money for lodging or other purposes.
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    Lab Space

  • Residential Space

    Science Cabin is the space where the flow of various people is circulated, such as a residency program, test of living space, Science Cabin lodging experience program, etc. It is an actual living space equipped with a refrigerator, rice cooker, induction range, biogas gas range, tableware, washing machine, and bedding.

  • Common Space

    A number of seminars and art talks on various topics are held permanently in the common space of the Science Cabin. For example, it becomes an excellent exhibition space during the open studio, which is held in the last week of residency.

  • Co-work Space

    Science Cabin wishes to become a space that can be used for multiple purposes by a variety of visitors. You can watch a movie together or record a podcast in the Co-work Space.

  • BeeVi Toilet

    BeeVi Toilet uses the vacuum pump to draw feces into the underground tank. The food waste ground by the sink grinder is also stored in the underground tank with the feces. Feces and food waste are transferred to the anaerobic digestion tank and broken down to the biogas, which is composed of methane gas and carbon dioxide by microorganisms. The biogas is refined and used as the fuel for gas range or boiler within the Science Cabin.

  • Backyard Garden

    A test of growing crops by using the sludge (remainder) transferred to AD effluent tank in the backyard garden of the Science Cabin. The crops grown here are sold for Ggool via fSM platform. Check Feces Standard Money Platform often because new products are posted without notice!

    Engineering Lab

  • Anaerobic Digestion Tank

    When the organic waste is placed in the anaerobic digestion tank in anaerobic atmosphere, the microorganisms that hate oxygen feed on feces and food waste to produce biogas (methane).

  • AD Effluent Tank

    It stores the remainder, discharged from microorganisms after feeding on feces and food waste. The remainder can be used as compost, etc.

  • Underground Storage

    It stores feces and food waste, which become the energy source for the biogas alongside the urine and domestic sewage from the lab space.

  • Biogas Compression Device

    It enables stable supply of biogas to the Science Cabin and compresses a large amount of biogas for easy storage.

  • Biogas Storage

    The stored gas is used to fuel the gas range and boiler.

  • Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)

    The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is a high-efficiency device that produces electricity by electrochemically reacting hydrocarbon with the oxygen in the air. Science Cabin conducting a study on developing SOFC technology using the biogas, which is produced from feces with Mico Co., Ltd.

  • Sewage/Rainwater Purification System

    It is a two-step sewage/rainwater purification system using a gravity-driven membrane and “RO.”
    It purifies the contaminated water produced inside the Science Cabin and the rainwater so that the water can be reused in the Science Cabin.